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Who is Judge Staci Williams?

  • Judge Williams: Citizens’ Civil Academy Founder
  • Judge Williams Teaches Civil Court Classes

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    Judge Williams Community Service Highlighted in WFAA TV News Video Some residents in Dallas County are spending their weekends getting a crash course in ways to better navigate the civil court system. The classes are part of a three-week Citizens' Civil Academy hosted by Judge Staci Williams. - WFAA
  • Polling Places Open 7am - 7pm
  • One Of Many Ways to Support Our Community

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    Judge Staci Williams is interviewed by Dr. Robert Ashley on Radio Station KHVN AM, explaining her role as a Judge and the educational program to help a "layman" understand just what happens in a court proceeding!
  • Last Day To Register - Oct 9th
  • BIO for Judge Staci Williams

    Judge Staci Williams was sworn in on January 1, 2015, as Judge of the 101st District Court. Judge Williams seeks to ensure that the 101st District Court is the Court of Choice for all parties, attorneys and citizens. She is dedicated to improving your judicial process with fairness and efficiency. In September 2015, Judge Williams created the Citizens’ Civil ...