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Judge Staci Williams created the free, non-political judicial education outreach program, the Citizens' Civil Academy to educate Dallas County citizens about the civil court system. The goal of the Citizens' Civil Academy is to ensure that citizens have a better understanding of not only the civil court system but also the inner workings of the George L. Allen, Senior, Courts Building. Citizens will be empowered with knowledge about the civil court process so they will be encouraged and excited about participating in the legal system.CCA in Dallas, TX

The Citizens' Civil Academy’s initial class was held in the Fall of 2015 at the George L. Allen, Sr. Courthouse. Subsequent Citizens' Civil Academy sessions have been held as follows:

* Spring 2016- West Dallas Community Church

* Fall 2017 – Highland Hills Library

* Spring 2018- Cooper Hotel and Conference Center

At the Citizens' Civil Academy, participants

* learn what happens to case from the time it is filed until the time it is disposed

* analyze types of cases heard by civil district judges

* explore departments of George L. Allen, Senior, Courthouse, and

* learn Jury Duty secrets

For more information , see and FB Citizens’ Civil Academy