Volunteer to help Judge Staci Williams continue to serve the Dallas courts well

"I look forward to working with you on this campaign!  In addition to our campaign efforts, please help spread the word about my judicial outreach program, the Citizens’ Civil Academy (CCA). The CCA does so much good."

- Judge Staci Williams

Volunteer Form

There are many ways for you to help campaign. Examples include:
  • Ordering yard signs to display
  • Offering a GREAT location for a large sign or banner
  • Allowing Judge Staci Williams to list your name on the Endorsement list
  • Host a fundraiser, Meet & Greet or Coffee mixer
  • Make phone calls to help drive awareness and educate voters
  • Walk the neighborhoods and precincts
  • Promote the campaign via social media, emails or letters
  • Work the polls for Early Voting or Election Day
Describe how you can help campaign

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